Sevengib® is a product based on gibberellins, specifically designed for the thinning of peaches and nectarines.

  • Only product for thinning peaches and nectarines in the European Union 
  • Reduces timing and costs of manual thinning 
  • More homogenous flowering and fruit setting 
  • Maximizes yield

Sevengib® balances the flowering between alternate years in these crops is of the utmost importance to achieve the maximum yield with the maximum size of the fruits. 

Sevengib® is exceptionally selective by acting on bud development, decreasing the subsequent flowering thus reducing the number of fruits, leading to a balance on the fruit load between alternate years, maximizing production. Applications of Sevengib® are exceptionally selective. 

Sevengib® is a research development product from Fine Agriochemicals Ltd and the only thinning product registered in the EU which specifically targets the stone fruit segment. Sevengib® will help farmers with their crop management, reducing their costs and increasing their profits.

Countries where Sevengib is available

  • Italy