About us

Fine Agrochemicals Ltd is part of the Fine Holdings Group, headquartered in Worcester, UK.

The company focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of plant growth regulators (PGRs) for the agricultural, greenhouse ornamental and landscape markets and is a recognised centre of excellence for PGR technology.

Our history

Since its establishment in 1983, Fine has been gradually expanding its activities with the creation of Fine Americas in 2004 (based in Walnut Creek, California) and the opening of a branch office in Tokyo, Japan in 2007 to represent Fine’s activities in the Americas and Asian regions respectively.

In July 2014, the Fine Holdings Group was purchased by De Sangosse, based in Agen, France. The De Sangosse Group develops, manufactures and markets products for global agricultural markets focusing on crop protection, plant nutrition and pest control. To continue our global expansion Fine has also established Fine Agrochemicals BV in the Netherlands which took place in 2022. This latest development in the Fine Group’s 40+ year history further consolidates Fine’s position as a global leader in PGRs.