Fine’s exclusive distribution partnership with Fitopromet in Croatia appointed

Fine Agrochemicals Ltd, UK Plant Growth Regulator specialists, is pleased to acknowledge its successful distribution partnership with Fitopromet in Croatia of Fine’s market-leading products Exilis, Perlan & Novagib for use on apples.

Fine successfully secured the registration of Novagib in 2017 and with Fitopromet’s support, launched the product in the Croatian market. In 2018, Fine & Fitopromet were successful with the timely registration and launch of Perlan and Exilis. All three leading brands are integral for perfectly balanced apple production and Croatian apple growers can look forward to advanced russet control thanks to this exciting new partnership between the two companies.


Fine Agrochemicals Ltd is part of the Fine Holdings Group, headquartered in Worcester, UK. The company focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of plant growth regulators (PGRs) for the agricultural, greenhouse ornamental and landscape markets and is a recognised centre of excellence for PGR technology. Since its establishment in 1983, Fine has been gradually expanding its activities and in July 2014, the Fine Holdings Group was purchased by De Sangosse, based in Agen, France. The De Sangosse Group develops, manufactures and markets products for global agricultural markets focusing on crop protection, plant nutrition and pest control.


Fitopromet d.o.o is a company specialised in agricultural production and trade was established in 1992. Fitopromet is headquartered in Zagreb. There are 21 employees in the company, out of which 9 are agronomy graduates of various distinctions.

The company’s core business is the sale and distribution of plant protection products and fertilizers, as well as its own production of fruit planting material. Fitopromets specialised distribution skills, extensive expertise in pome fruit & wine grape growing and business ethos mirrors that of Fine Agrochemicals. The partnership with Fine Agrochemicals is a natural one.

Fitopromet works closely with many renowned suppliers and can now include Fine Agrochemicals as a result of this successful collaboration.

Exilis, Perlan & Novagib are registered trademarks of Fine Agrochemicals Ltd

June 21, 2018