Fine Agrochemicals plant growth regulator kudos® new registrations

KUDOS® – The bright solution for growth control

KUDOS® – Fine Agrochemicals new plant growth regulator kudos® is now also registered in Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia & The Netherlands!

After the successful introduction of kudos® in the UK last year, Fine Agrochemicals Ltd. Plant Growth Regulator Specialist, has now also received the approval for kudos® in other European countries. Kudos® is mainly registered for the use in apple orchards. This registration has already been extended to the use on pear in Belgium as well.

FINE is very proud to add this new product to its existing well known top fruit portfolio of exilis®, perlan® and novagib® in these territories.

FINE is expecting further new EU kudos® registrations to come in the near future.

The key features of this new product are as follows:

  • Strong shoot length control and canopy management
  • Significant reduction in summer pruning hours
  • Excellent product solubility, easy to use product

Wim Aelbrecht, International Marketing Manager for Fine explains further. “Modern fruits growers have now a new tool to control the vegetative growth of their fruit trees. Thanks to its gibberellic production inhibition activity, kudos® refrain the cell enlargement process in the plant. As a result, the development of new shoots is reduced. Kudos® will allow growers to control the growth of their trees, to reduce the pruning workload and to enhance quality of the production via a better light penetration in the canopy and a higher nutrient allocation to the fruits.

Kudos® is based on prohexadione-calcium active ingredient. FINE is bringing a new formulation technology that guarantees an optimized solubility of the water dispersible granules (WDG formulation). Video demonstrating the kudos® formulation strength can be seen there:

The product is available in 2.5kg containers.

Fine’s kudos® is available from the following distributors:

In Belgium





In Czech Republic

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In Poland




In Slovenia


In the Netherlands




Kudos®, exilis®, perlan® and novagib® are European Union registered trademarks of Fine Agrochemicals Limited.


April 5, 2017